Choosing a Window Frame Colour to Match Rendered Properties

When deciding to change the colour of the windows on your home it is never an easy decision, especially when there are so many colours available on the market to consider. If you live in a rendered house or property, the selection of colours is even greater as you must coordinate the colour of the windows and walls.


How to choose a window frame colour that matches your render

So, if you have a rendered property and you’re on the lookout for which colour window frames and doors look best together, you’ve come to the right place. We have collated the most popular styles and colour choices that enhance the overall look of a home.


Select contemporary whites and greys

An off-white or pale grey render can be easily paired with a dark grey window and door frame. These colours give a modern feel to the exterior of a home. Windows that suit this style would be large paned and unobstructed units that maximise light into the property. If dark grey is not your favourite, you can also select blue and metallic grey; these look fantastic when you’re after something a little different.

Opt for a traditional window frame colour

If your render has a neutral coloured finish such as French grey, then it is best paired with pale cream or warm white window frame colour. This reflects a more classic colour palette combination and is far more suitable than bolder, vibrant colours. The colour combination will give your home a traditional feel, whilst looking inviting and clean.

Bold coloured render? Soften with a pale window frame colour

If your property is the complete opposite to a traditional render and you’ve opted for bold, vibrant wall colours, then you can complete the look with pale windows. This carefully frames the exterior of your home, giving more emphasis to the building rather than the windows.

Embrace neutral colours, they’re not boring!

Selecting the colour white for your window frame is not boring, in fact, it is one of the most popular colours. Why? Because it’s a classic, timeless window colour to choose and it doesn’t negatively impact the value of your home. 

White goes well with rendered homes for a number of reasons, from not wanting to stand out in a row of terrace houses, to matching other facets of the house exterior such as guttering, fascias and cladding.

Make a statement and let your personality shine through

Choosing vibrant, loud colours allows you to have a bit of fun with the exterior of your house. You can set yourself apart from your neighbours, and if done correctly, add a little charm and sophistication (and value!). Coastal properties in particular suit brightly coloured windows or render.


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