Window and Door Security: A Basic Guide

window and door security

Window and Door Security: A Basic Guide

We don’t specialise in security here at Bingley Windows, but we do understand the significance of your windows and doors when it comes to keeping your property safe. As the clearest entry points to your home or workplace, they represent the clearest opportunity for anyone looking to gain access and are seemingly much easier to overcome than a brick wall.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few pointers to help ensure that your windows and doors are keeping your property safe.

Keep them shut

Yawn! Everyone knows that keeping their windows and doors shut is a must, right? Well, yes and no. While the vast majority of people will always shut and lock their doors and windows when security is on their minds, far too many burglaries occur simply because this simple step has been overlooked.

While leaving your doors and windows open may seem a bizarre concept in the colder months, doing so during summer is commonplace. After all, you’re desperate for some fresh air to enter your stuffy house, and you can’t be bothered to shut the back door when you’re going in and out of the garden. The problem is, all of this is only one step away from leaving everything unlocked when you actually leave the house.

Tip number one is, therefore, our most fundamental: shut all doors and windows at night, and especially when you’re not in the house. You may even want to consider shutting them when you’re out of the room, just to be safe.

Have them replaced

Old windows and doors are far less secure than new ones. It makes sense, when you think about it. General wear and tear, combined with the inevitable damages sustained by any property over a five- or ten-year period, will always weaken your home’s entry points.

We would advise having your windows and doors serviced frequently, to lengthen their lifespan. After ten years, though, it is definitely worth considering upgrades. Not only do they improve security, but they often also add value and, quite simply, look much nicer.

Our second tip: keep your windows and doors up to date.

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