Which Window Design is Best Suited to Your Home?

Which Window Design is Best Suited to Your Home

With such a wide range of stylistic options available, it can be difficult to know where to start when buying new windows. Choosing the right window design, however, is extremely important. Get it wrong, and the windows can look out of place; get it right, and they can perfectly complement the rest of your home’s decor.

Not only is the choice important from an aesthetic point of view, though. Different windows provide different levels of comfort in terms of temperature, lighting, and privacy. This aspect is also something that needs to be considered. Below, we’ve listed three different window design options, and presented their advantages.

Double and Single Hung Windows

This type of window design slides up and down to open. It consists of two main panes and represents a relatively traditional, straightforward setup. Single-hung windows open only from the bottom, while the double-hung variation can slide open from either end. The design is easy also easy to clean, as access from the outside isn’t necessary.

A picture of a double hung window

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing out fully, providing excellent ventilation and superb visibility. For homes with a lot of outside space, casement windows are perfect. They’re really simple to operate, and offer great efficiency. When shut, they’re almost completely airtight due to their simple design.

A picture of casement windows

Fixed Pane Windows

The window design that provides the greatest efficiency, fixed pane windows suit people who don’t need access, and want great views. Essentially, fixed pane styles don’t open or shut. While this leads to a few potential pitfalls, it means that window frames do not restrict the view. Because they can’t be opened, they’re the most energy-efficient of all styles. They suit homes where natural light is at a premium, and where other forms of ventilation are available.

A picture with a fixed pane window in the background

Bingley Windows

We’ve been through three different types of window design here and touched on some of the advantages to be had from each. For more information about the services we offer, get in touch with us. You can fill out one of our online contact forms, or call us on 01535 958 183.

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