Understanding Composite Doors and Their Benefits

Understanding Composite Doors and Their Benefits

Whether you are based in Bingley, Keighley, Shipley, Ilkley, Silsden, or Baildon, as a homeowner, protecting your property and your family should be of the utmost priority, which is why it is so important that your front and patio doors – the gateways to your home – provide as much security as possible. Comprised of multiple materials that work together to enhance functionality and aesthetics, composite doors offer many advantages to your home in comparison to normal wooden, PVC, or aluminium doors. Bingley Windows & Glass Co. Ltd have accordingly reviewed four key benefits of composite doors:


One of the immediate positives of composite doors is their augmented security, which owes its thanks to the combination of different materials used; the superior quality doors produced by Bingley Windows & Glass Co. Ltd are no exception. With extra security features such as anti-snap and anti-bump cylinders, anti-snap handles, additional bolts, and a five-point locking system to name but a few, you can be reassured that your home will stay safe and secure from any unwanted entry attempts.


Coming in a wide variety of colours and designs, a composite door can be tailored to fit in perfectly with both traditional and contemporary properties. Here at Bingley Windows & Glass Co. Ltd, we also provide both inward and outward opening options to offer complete flexibility and customisation. Wooden or aluminium doors can start looking weary over time, meaning that you have to invest more money trying to maintain the exterior aesthetics of your property; stylish yet timeless, a composite door will continue to complement your home long after its installation.


Temperamental weather and harsh conditions are detrimental to the health of a poorly designed or constructed door, which is exactly why a composite door should be your first and only choice when it comes to sealing the entryways to your home. Able to withstand harsh weather and not prone to fading or warping, the amalgamation of differing layers lend strength to composite doors to ensure that they thrive in unfavourable weather conditions, no matter the time of year. It is exactly this maintenance and fuss-free approach that cements this product as a must-have for your house.

Energy Efficiency

As one of the main areas for heat loss in a property, making sure that your door is conserving as much energy as possible is extremely important. Investing in a composite door has positive outcomes for improving the thermal efficiency of your home and reducing the cost of your heating bill; A well-built and correctly installed door can help prevent draughts, thereby insulating your property and preventing heat loss. A composite door can also help to cancel out noise pollution from the busy streets outside.
We here at Bingley Windows & Glass Co. Ltd are proud of our BSI and certass certified products, which include a stunning range of composite doors that are perfect for any home. We are your local experts in Ilkley, Baildon, Keighley, Shipley, Bingley, and Silsden. To find out more or to speak with our friendly team, call today on 01535 958 183 or complete our online form.

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