The Ultimate Guide to Window Maintenance

window maintenance

The Ultimate Guide Window Maintenance

How hard can it be to keep on top of window maintenance? It’s not like you need to oil them or have them serviced, but you can’t neglect anything in life and expect it not to deteriorate to an extent.

With that in mind, Bingley Windows & Glass Co. Ltd have put together this guide to window maintenance. It’s not going to contain anything too mind-blowing or revolutionary, it’s a window maintenance guide, but it will hopefully remind you of a few important checks that need to be carried out.


Dirty windows and window panes don’t just look bad – they could also be quite harmful. It’s important you don’t use too much water, though, as doing so can cause issues in itself.


Visual checks are often enough to spot potential issues with your windows. The problem is, most people don’t carry them out frequently enough (or ever, for that matter). Simply checking that there aren’t any issue with your windows, such as mould, cracks, or moisture, is often sufficient to avoid spending much more money further down the line.


Here’s another relatively obvious one for you, but it’s another one that is constantly ignored. Simply using your windows every now and then prevents them from stiffening up. We’re not saying you need to be opening and closing them every half an hour during the height of winter, but it’s best not to leave them closed permanently for a year, either.


Protecting your window frames and the sil from the elements is much, much easier if you repaint them every now and then. It doesn’t need to be too often, maybe every couple of years. Doing so also maintains their appearance, which shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to your windows!

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