Keeping Your Conservatory Warm


Keeping Your Conservatory Warm

Having a conservatory comes with some great benefits. The flexibility of having this extra room in your home gives you space for work, play or relaxation. Of course, being a structure made heavily from glass, a conservatory can often get very cold during winter. In our latest post, we discuss top tips to keep this room of your home warm throughout the cooler months.


The type of glass you choose to have your conservatory windows made from can make a great difference to how much heat is kept in your conservatory. Triple and double glazed windows are best for keeping warmth in your conservatory and may even help you to cut down your energy bills.

When deciding on the type of glass you will opt for, also consider other options including windows that limit solar entry or self-clean, depending on your requirements. A conservatory is an investment that can not only provide extra space, it can also add value to your property, so it is worth exploring all possibilities when it comes to this area of your home.


Whilst you may run your central heating through to your conservatory, some people find this too much work to undertake and prefer to use electric heaters to heat the room when they are using it.

If you are having your conservatory newly built but would like to be able to heat it safely, even when you’re not in the room, you may consider underfloor heating. Underfloor heating can be tricky to install, so if you have the opportunity to add underfloor heating whilst the conservatory is being constructed, this is could be a great investment.

Decor and Accessories

Whilst practical elements such as your chosen windows and heating can make a great difference to the warmth of your room, your decor and accessories can also make a big difference.

Rugs can help to keep the space warm and stop heat escaping through the floor. Additionally, accessories such as throws, pillows and wall coverings can make a big difference to the way the room feels, even if they don’t make a difference to the actual temperature of the space.

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