Increase Your Home’s Value With a Porch

Depending on the region in which you live, you may be wanting to add a porch to increase living space within your home, or to improve the property’s ‘kerb appeal’.


Choosing where to place your porch

There are three main places where you can add a porch: the front, back or wraparound. Each of these different porches serves a different purpose.

A front porch can allow you to enhance your property’s kerb appeal while also creating an inviting entrance. While back porches are great for entertaining and spending time outside with family and friends. It can redefine your outdoor space and add square footage to your home.

More common in American homes, but a wraparound porch also gives homeowners more living space.


What is the impact of a porch on a home’s value?

For the majority of houses, adding a porch will provide a good return on investment. Porches vary in price and depend on the complexity of the design, size, materials used and the amenities if any.

A front porch creates a focal point as it is the first thing visitors to the property see when they arrive. It can add value to the property if it looks attractive. By improving the aesthetics of it you can make your house even more desirable on the market.


What are the other benefits of adding a porch?

  • Protects the external doorway
  • Creates additional and usable space
  • Add extra security
  • Improves your insulation
  • Increases the amount of daylight entering the house


Why is a porch useful in a home?

Until you have one fitted in your home, you may not realise how beneficial it is. If you’re asking yourself: why should I own one? Continue reading, we’ll provide some key reasons.

  • Storing deliveries
  • Improved security
  • Enhances your entrance
  • Handy for additional storage


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