A Guide On How To Clean Windows

A woman cleaning the outside of her windows

A Guide On How To Clean Windows

With spring in full swing and the Easter bank holiday out of the way, what a better way to begin your spring cleaning regime by giving your windows and doors a thorough cleanse? The new season brings the tradition of the annual spring clean and an opportunity to get everything in prime position. Tackling your windows and doors is a great way to start your spring cleaning. Fingerprints; mucky paws and other traces of dirt can be picked up easily but can be a challenge to clean. By following our top tips on how to clean windows, spring cleaning will never be easier and more rewarding.

A set of sparkling windows can make all the difference to your home and can bring a sense of freshness and clarity. It is an important task to prepare for the busy months of summer and what better way to begin? The brighter spring weather may be drawing some unwanted attention to the dirt and dust collected on your windows, and the warmer weather brings the idea of cleaning the windows to a focus with having to open them.

Cleaning Windows

The weather is an important aspect to consider before tackling a window cleaning job. Choosing an overcast or cloudy dry day would be most appropriate. Cleaning your windows in the blazing sun may seem like the perfect idea at the time. However, the cleaner can dry onto the hot glass quicker and may cause smudges and streaks that are difficult to remove.

Remove the dust first. It is important to remove all traces of dust and fluff, to begin with. This is to eliminate any chances of smearing the annoying particles around and creating a bigger mess. Going in with a vacuum cleaner and duster, to begin with, is best before going in with the window cleaner solution. This step is crucial in how to clean windows to achieve optimum results.

Cleaning solutions

Whether you have a trusted and effective homemade cleaning solution, or you like to splash out on the best cleaning products, it is important you have a nice consistency of spray onto the glass that is easily removed with a squeegee or damp cloth. Homemade solutions that have been recommended consist of; half a cup of white/cider vinegar or a quarter of a cup of 70% concentrated alcohol to be mixed with two cups of lukewarm water. Followed by cleaning the glass with a sponge and drying with a microfibre cloth and squeegee to remove any streaks.

Cleaning Your Conservatory

Working on cleaning your conservatory can take up a lot of your day. We would suggest cleaning the outside of the conservatory to begin with. This makes it clearer and easier when you begin to clean the interior of the glass. Start with the frames on the outside of conservatory and use the same method by dusting first, then use your favoured cleaning solution to remove the dirt and finish off with a squeegee and dry cloth to remove any streaks and leftover marks.

You only need to be cleaning your windows around twice a year, so make sure your spring cleaning is done the correct way to avoid any more window appointments and keep your windows looking fresh and gleaming. Perfect and ready for the summer months.

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