How Different Types of Doors Can Transform Your Property


Transform Your Property with Different Types of Doors

It is generally accepted that a new door can do wonders for your property, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. With so many different types of doors available, however, the hard part is deciding on a style. Here, we’ve run through the four main styles that we have available, and the best ways to incorporate them into your property. For more information on any of the given designs, head over to the relevant page; we’ve added links into the coming paragraphs to make that easy for you!

French Doors

French doors are a traditional design, and generally, suit the backs or sides of houses more than they do the front. As they consist of a lot of glass and are usually very wide, they allow a lot of light in from the outside. This trait can make rooms with French doors feel a lot more spacious than they actually are, as there is more of an unencumbered view of the outside. In the warmer months, it can also be nice to open French doors into the back garden, creating a seamless transition between the exterior and interior.

In summary, if you favour traditional designs, have a relatively sizeable back garden. and would enjoy a room that feels more spacious, then French doors could be the way to go.

Composite Doors

By contrast, composite doors are made almost entirely from opaque materials, such as UPVC. While these types of doors don’t allow the same levels of light to enter from outside, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Composite doors work well at the fronts of properties, where privacy is a far more important consideration. Their design can be varied, to suit your property; for example, the door’s colour, shape, and the material will all influence the overall effect of your home’s entrance. Composite doors are also made to be highly resistant to the weather, making them last as long as possible.

For a weather-resistant, customisable door to suit the front of your property, consider a composite design.

Patio and Bifolding Doors

The location and purpose of patio doors are reasonably self-explanatory, but it’s definitely worth explaining some of their main benefits and running you through the variations. One of these variations is bifold design. This style of the door allows as much light as possible to enter the room, and offers the advantages of French doors – their only potential drawback is the amount of space they require. Of all the different types of doors, the bifold design is also one of the pricier options. If neither of these variables is a limitation, however, they’re an outstanding choice. If you’re looking for something a that requires less wall space, then French doors are a great option for the patio, too.


Okay, so we’re aware that porches aren’t doors. The porch is, however, a great addition to any home. It provides shelter and dry outside storage and looks great. Porches are quite traditional, but can also be built to fit in with modern homes. Depending on your requirements and preferences, there’s the option to either have an enclosed porch or an open one. Open porches allow you to keep the front of your house exactly how it is, but provide extra cover, while enclosed porches allow you to keep anything stored there completely safe and secure.

For anyone in need of a little more room, not looking for a full home extension, the porch is a great option.

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