Conserve Energy through Your Windows and Doors

Bingley Windows and Glass Co. Ltd understand that winter can be an expensive time for many of our customers when it comes to heating your property. Utilising the below methods to conserve energy and prevent heat loss will not only assist in retaining warmth within your home but will also help you to save money on your heating bills:

Conserve Energy with Proper Insulation

First and foremost, you need to pinpoint the main areas where you can and should conserve energy; doors and windows are some of the major problem zones for heat loss within a property. Whilst it is now common for builders to install double glazed windows in contemporary homes, many older properties still have windows that are only single glazed.

We here at Bingley Windows and Glass Co. Ltd cannot advocate enough the long term benefits of investing in double glazing, which includes increased comfort, better insulation, soundproofing from the outdoors, and added protection from the elements to name but a few. We do however appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to find new windows that fit discreetly into your home, which is exactly why our windows boast an ‘A’ grade energy efficiency and come in a range of colours, trims and woodgrains to suit a broad range of properties.

Prevent Heat Loss by Draught Proofing

Improperly sealed windows, exposed keyholes and letterboxes in your front door – these are just some of the major culprits for encouraging warm air to escape. Draught proofing your windows and doors is an excellent way to prevent heat loss and block cold air from filtering into your home. Even the smallest changes can make a difference; start by inspecting your windows and use a sealant or brush strips where necessary to close up any gaps.

Purchasing a cover for your keyhole is a quick and cost effective solution to conserve energy, whilst a draught excluder for your letterbox will ensure that the arrival of your post doesn’t cause unnecessary loss of warmth. Furthermore, brush strips installed at the bottom of your door provide an excellent barrier against the elements and can be purchased in many hardware stores.

Hang up Curtains

Roman blinds may look elegant on your windows but unfortunately they do not contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. We therefore recommend putting up heavy or thermal curtains to create an area of insulation between the room and your window; always ensure that they are fitted as close as possible to the window. Keeping your curtains closed whilst your central heating or radiators are turned on will help to conserve energy and therefore preserve residual heat for the night.


If you are preparing for the winter months and need guidance on installing new windows in your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our knowledgeable team here at Bingley Windows and Glass Co. Ltd will be happy to answer any questions you may have, just give us a ring on 01535 958 183 or complete our simple contact form.

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