A picture showing a black composite door designed for a new Silsden home A close up of a black composite door with anti snap handles in Silsden A picture showing a Keighley home with a black composite door with glass panels

Composite Doors

Our doors are manufactured to meet your specifications, and have outward or inward opening options depending on your requirements. We also offer a secure locking system with additional options for extra protection.

An image of a Composite Door, turquoise-coloured and new
A picture of a dark burgundy composite door installed by Shipley tradesmen
A picture of a pale blue bespoke composite door for Keighley property A picture showing a close up of a red comoposite door in Bingley that has outward or inward opening options
A picture showing a Baildon home with a white composite front door and gold letterboxes

Extra security with our locks

  • 5-point locking system
  • 2 hooks and shoot bolts
  • 2 roller cams and dead bolts
  • One-piece keep
  • Anti-snap and anti-bump cylinders
  • Anti-snap handles
  • Connect to any of our doors

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Composite doors

Your front door is the first contact that visitors have with your home, and it’s crucial to make that impression a lasting one. A door should be more than just an entryway, and that is why you should pick right. At Bingley Windows and Glass, we have a choice of composite doors that will leave you in awe. Our clients know how much we put into our products and services, and that is why we are highly recommended. You can be sure that the doors from our range are high-quality and meet superior standards.

We get that design is of utmost important when picking a door; and so, we have assembled a range of styles that will leave you spoilt for choice. From contemporary styles to traditional looks, we have enough selections. The colour alternatives are varied as well, and you get outward and inward opening options. If you are stuck on choice, tell us what ideas you have and we will narrow it down. We insist on providing composite doors that are robust and durable to withstand harsh abuse. You won’t have to fret over getting a new door very few years. From the framing to the glazing to the side panels; we concentrate on making individual parts long lasting.

Let us make you feel at home

We don’t disappoint when it comes to security. One function of a good door is keeping your home and its occupants protected, and that is what our composites range does. We have a five-point locking system on all our doors. Each door also comes with one piece keep, two hook and shoot bolts, and two roller cams and dead bolts. For guaranteed safety, we install anti-snap and anti bump cylinders. The range also comes with anti-snap handles. Combine our security systems, high quality and durability and you have BSI and certass certified products. Bingley Windows and Glass offers competitive quotes for its range of composite doors.

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