Choosing Windows for a Modern Home

windows for a modern home

Choosing Windows for a Modern Home

It can be hard to know which styles of the window will best suit your home, especially as you can’t really try them on before you commit! Recently, we wrote a general guide to choosing, but here we’re going slightly more specific. In our latest blog, we’re focusing on the best windows for people in a modern home. There is, unsurprisingly, a clear difference between modern and traditional styles, with plenty of variation within those categories as well.

Think big

Well, it’s not quite as simple as thinking “big”, but stick with us here. A good tip for modern homes is to incorporate big panes of glass. “Big” doesn’t mean big window frames; these are kept to a minimum. Generally, a lot of modern homes keep things simple, and having large, simplistic windows in your home will really help add to that. Often, you’ll see modern homes with windows that take up pretty much the whole wall – while that’s a relatively bold statement and potentially a tad daunting, they can look seriously impressive and undoubtedly look modern.

Think different

Windows come in all shapes and sizes these days. Where previously you’d work with round, square, or rectangular styles almost exclusively, it’s become far more common to see some slightly unusual shapes. Slightly “different” shapes, such as triangles or rhombuses, are often found all over modern homes. It shouldn’t be a surprise, therefore, that incorporating these into the home’s architecture would add to that sense of modernity.

Think simple

Minimalism and modernity are pretty similar, and so it makes sense that you’d want to keep things simple when it comes to choosing windows for a modern home. We touched on this aspect of the windows in our “big” paragraph, but it’s important to re-emphasise. Too much detail, or having too much going on, will really detract from the modern feel of your home. Large, plain panes of glass are the key with modern windows. Keep it simple, and mix it up.

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