Why Choose Double Glazing for Your Windows?

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Why Choose Double Glazing For Your Windows

Installing double glazing for your windows is a great way of reducing heat loss and noise pollution from outside. This reduction allows homeowners to save on heating bills, and enjoy higher levels of privacy.

Some of the technicalities

Double glazing relies on relatively simple concepts to deliver its many benefits. For example, by having two sheets of glass, normally around 16mm apart, an insulator is created. It is this insulator that prevents an excessive amount of heat from escaping and keeps an excessive amount of noise from entering.


It is rare that something lasts forever, and even double glazing will become ineffective after a while. It will, however, ensure that your windows are reinforced and energy-efficient for up to around 30 years. Obviously, the exact time frame will depend on who has installed and provided the windows for you, but as a general rule, they will last longer. Their durability makes it far less likely that they’ll break beyond repair, and the nature of their design means they’ll function fully for many years to come.


As with anything that’s worthwhile, double-glazed windows are likely to set you back more than their single glazing cousins. It is, therefore, important to consider whether the extra costs will be worth it. We would argue that they most definitely are, especially when all of the aforementioned advantages are considered. Yes, you’ll pay more for double glazing than you will for a basic, single-frame window, but no, it’s not a waste of money. They’ll last longer, they’ll be more effective, and you’ll reduce the risk of having to pay for repairs.


You’ll be able to customise the frames of your double-glazed windows just as you would with any window or door. While the actual glass chosen will affect the performance of the windows, the frame and aesthetics of the unit will be up to you entirely. Generally, uPVC frames are used; the material lasts for a good amount of time and is also recyclable. Wooden frames generally require more maintenance, while metal and composite designs are also available.

Here at Bingley Windows, we’re happy to help you choose the best design for your double glazing. We’ll talk to you about the sort of feel you’re looking to create, and help to make that happen. For more information about our double-glazed windows or our installation services, get in touch with the team. You can call us on 01535 958 183, or fill out our online contact form.

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