Painting a Composite Door: Should You?

Front doors in the UK typically fall into either of these three types: timber door, uPVC door or a composite door. Today, we’d like to talk about composite doors and whether or not you can paint them. The decision to change the colour of your front door may be due to a variety of different reasons, from wanting to be on-trend to making a bold home improvement choice. If you are currently in the process of choosing a new front door, alongside colour there are a selection of important factors to consider including its energy efficiency, cost, the maintenance and the style. 


Can you paint a composite door?


To put it simply, the answer is no, you can’t (and shouldn’t) repaint a composite door. If you want to change the colour of your front door, and you have a composite door, consult a professional. Changing the colour of a composite door is a complicated process and it may be advisable to replace it with a new one. Particularly if you aren’t happy with the current colour.

Composite doors, when they are manufactured, come with a finished colour that is designed to last. The way in which they are constructed makes it difficult for them to be repainted; this is because the colour runs through the door’s glass reinforced plastic. Predominantly, this is to ensure the colour doesn’t crack, chip, fad or discolour over time.

Of all the front doors available on the market today, a composite door is still the most popular due to its ingenious design. A composite door is the best of both worlds; it combines the elegance and beautiful grain of a timber door with the strength and durability of a uPVC door. Because of these attributes, a composite door is well-built, durable and highly resistant to damage, dents and warping. 

Before changing the colour of your composite door, it is important to understand how your has been made and manufactured. This will give you a better understanding of whether or not it could be repainted or simply retouched. If you’re unsure, it is always advisable to consult with a professional door manufacturer who specialises in composite doors.


Can you paint other types of front doors (e.g. timber and uPVC)?


Timber doors can be stained or painted. If you’re one who likes to have a different colour front door every few years, then this is the most cost-effective door for you. Timber doors have been around for a very long time; they’re a classic, timeless door. They have their colours painted on and do require regular treatment and maintenance in order to retain their beauty.


uPVC Doors, on the other hand, are more contemporary on look and significantly easier to maintain as they don’t need to be stained or painted. These doors are extremely popular for several reasons. For one, they are cheaper than timber doors, and secondly they are more resistant to weathering. They also provide better insulation and stability, making them an ideal front door choice. One additional benefit of a uPVC door is how they look classy and modern, mainly due to their plastic appearance.


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