8 Ways to Use Your Conservatory

For many living in the UK, especially those who own their own homes, space is precious. As homeowners, we want to get the maximise usage from the space within our home. Adding a new room, or expanding an existing one is an option, but it can be challenging and not always affordable. However, if you currently have, or are looking to build a new conservatory for your home, here are 8 alternative ways you can use this space.


Alternative Uses For Your Conservatory

When it comes to deciding how you will use your new conservatory, here is some inspiration:

Home office or study area

This may not be a popular choice for many people, but if you don’t want to expand your home to accommodate a home office, then you can turn your conservatory space into an office. This is particularly beneficial if you spend a lot of time working from home. With a conservatory office, you receive a lot of natural light compared to an average room, which instantly makes your work-life more enjoyable.

Dining room

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a separate dining room in our homes. A conservatory easily enables this. You could opt for a large extendable table perfect for dinner parties, or have a smaller fold away table and chairs, ideal for smaller spaces and enabling multiple uses of the space outside of mealtimes.

Living room

As conservatories are brightly lit, they make the perfect setting for a living room, or to increase existing living space. As families grow and become older, it becomes increasingly more important to expand living space and your conservatory is a great way to do that.

Kitchen extension

This is a very popular use of conservatory and many enjoy this alternative as it makes a kitchen look modern, bright, new and fresh. In conjunction with this, it also helps create an enjoyable, open space to prepare food.

A greenhouse for your plants

If you’re an avid gardener, you can transform this space into a designated area for your plants. Unlike a regular greenhouse, with a conservatory, you can better regulate the temperature meaning it is an ideal place to grow fruit and vegetables.

Children’s playroom

If you have young children or even big kids in your home, then transforming your conservatory into a games room is a perfect way to create a relaxing, fun space. As it is away from your living space, it means you can designate that additional space for games or storage for toys and games. This is particularly useful if you want them kept out of view.

Games room

If you’re tired of being kept awake by family members who have friends round at the weekend, perhaps creating a space where they can go and hang out is your solution. Or, are you fed up with copious amounts of toys found all over your home? Then converting your conservatory into a games room or playroom could be a beneficial solution for you and your children.

An extra bedroom or living space

You could transform this space into a full-time bedroom or disguise its multi-functionality through purchasing a sofa bed. The only things to consider when opting for this usage is security, furnishings, blinds and heating to ensure the guest has a comfortable sleep and not woken up at sunrise or gets too cold.


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