Composite Doors Q&A

Here at Bingley Windows & Glass Co. we offer a wide range of contemporary front and back composite doors with unrivalled security. If you’re on the lookout for a stylish and secure new door, then a composite door makes an ideal choice.

What is a composite door?

A composite door is made up of several different materials. They are the newest type of door on the market and constructed from either foam or timber at the central core with external GRP (glass reinforced plastic). Creating that amazing first impression as new visitors walk into your home is easy with a composite door due to the extensive range of styles and colours available.

Are all composite doors the same?

Each door is manufactured to your specification and individual requirements. In a sense, yes all composite doors are constructed using the same materials. With the only main constructive difference being whether foam or timber is chosen for the central core. The beauty in composite doors is that you have full control in the design and overall look. Whether you want to stand out from your neighbours or have a traditional style to suit your home, the choice is dependant on which unique style or colours are chosen.

Advantages of a composite door

Composite doors are robust and durable. They are long-lasting and able to withstand temperamental weather and harsh conditions. There’s an extensive range and freedom of choice in the tailoring of composite doors. You can design a modern or more traditional looking door to suit your needs, taste and requirements, in a variety of different colours and styles. Composite doors are also able to better retain insulative properties compared to a wooden door.

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